OSC Robert Link Joins OSC Edge as CSfC Chief Technologist

OSC Edge, a leading IT enterprise solutions firm specializing in engineering Information Technology and Cybersecurity solutions for defense and intelligence agencies, proudly welcomes Robert Link to the team as the Chief Technologist for Classified Solutions for Commercial (CSfC). With a distinguished career spanning more than three decades, Link brings a wealth of experience and innovation to his new role, positioning OSC Edge at the forefront of secure communication solutions.

Throughout his impressive tenure, Link has played a pivotal role in advancing national security and redefining the landscape of Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) and CSfC. As a former “Principal Sales Engineer” at Forcepoint, Link’s strategic acumen and operational expertise have consistently contributed to critical defense strategies, safeguarding vital systems both within and beyond the Department of Defense (DoD) space.

Link’s journey has been marked by visionary leadership and transformative contributions. His trailblazing work in cross-domain solutions over a decade revolutionized information flow across secure boundaries, enhancing mission effectiveness through seamless communication and collaboration.

In recent years, Link’s focus has shifted to Commercial Solutions for classified environments, where his pioneering spirit has led to the deployment of cutting-edge solutions for complex customer challenges. His ability to bridge classified environments with commercial technologies has set new standards for security and efficiency, reshaping business operations and leaving a lasting impact.

Beyond his technical accomplishments, Link is revered for his leadership, mentorship, and unwavering commitment to fostering growth. His strategic thinking and dedication to excellence have earned him the respect of peers and colleagues alike, making him a driving force in secure communication innovation.

“As OSC Edge’s CSfC Chief Technologist, Robert Link is poised to continue his legacy of excellence, propelling us to new heights in secure communication solutions. His arrival signifies a bold step forward in pushing the boundaries of innovation and reinforcing our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology for a secure world,” says Tiffany Bailey, CEO of OSC Edge.

OSC Edge is a trusted Prime, known for its industry-leading expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. With a team of experienced professionals and a proven track record of success, OSC Edge specializes in providing comprehensive IT services to government and defense organizations. From network management to cybersecurity, OSC Edge is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of its clients. 

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